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About This Project

This is the Main Act / El Acto Principal, this is one of those photographs that it was a lucky shot and in fact I think a lot of street photography is lucky shots, but they are what I sort of call educated, lucky shots, knowing something is going to happen. I had just finished breakfast at a restaurant next door to this building that had an alley way and I noticed this Mariachi group with huge harps standing outside the doorway, waiting to go in and I grabbed my camera and just as I did they started walking down this hallway or entry way, where their was a wedding taking place and again I got two or three shots as they went back in there. But I particularly like this shot because it is done from the back. So many people spend so much time shooting photography from the front and sometimes shooting from the back tells the story better then the front. You know, because you are getting an honest image of what’s actually happening. Where as if you move to the front people are going to be smiling and looking at you and it takes them out of character. I always tell people, when you are shooting these types of things always look at both sides because sometimes shooting from the back is best.

The Main Act is part of the People of Mexico and the San Miguel Photography collection.