Dia de Los Muertos, Mexico
Day, Day of the Dead, Dia de los muertos, Haunting, Hidden, People of Mexico
About This Project

The Piercing eyes. Shooting in darkness is kind of an experiment. The flash goes off and most times you have no idea what you captured until you look at it on your computer. The Piercing Eyes didn’t appear to me until two years after I shot this photograph during Day of the Dead. I was weeding out bad exposures and the only thing I saw were the piercing eyes. As I adjusted the exposure, she appeared out from the dark.


I caught her by surprise with the flash. I can see a seriousness in her face, maybe even a bit of fear as she appears like a ghost from a deep dark hole of sorts. This is a good lesson for photgraphers, never throw anything away unless you are sure there’s no Piercing Eyes hidden in the darkness.