The photography dedicated to the country of Mexico, provided by professional photographer, Harry John Kerker. From Blue Mariachis to the celebration and respect for Dia de Los Muertos, Harry Kerker’s page to Mexico is part of the Photos of Mexico series.


Welcome to Photos of Mexico, where we deliver a website for photographers in Mexico to advance their marketing strategies by positioning artwork that is dedicated to the country of Mexico. Both local Mexico photographers and international photographers team up for these great photos of Mexico.

Below is an index of the Mexico Photography of Photos of Mexico.


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  • Blue Mariachis
  • Mexican Mona Lisa
  • Mexican Harp
  • Red Squeeze Box
  • Street Dancer
  • Twisted –

Mariachi Musicians – We focus in on Mariachi Musicians here at Photos of Mexico. We love Mariachi Musicians and the idea of what the Mariachi Musician means in the Mexican culture. In San Miguel, Mariachi Musicians are fabulous. We know plenty of Mariachi Musicians for hire in San Miguel. Imagine the possibility of photos available regarding Mariachi Musicians of San Miguel. 

Mariachi Musicians of San Miguel de Allende


San Miguel

Street Dancers

Cathedrals and Churches


Colonial Mexico


Mexican Architecture

Street Music

Dress and fashion

Street Life


Dia de Los Muertos